AllSoft Technologies - Tool Manager Program Upgrade (New Subscription Version)

VERSION 2014.2

1)    Right click here and Save-Target or Save-Link  to your Flash DriveTool Manager Update.
       NOTE: The download file name is updtprog.dat, so remove any version number that may be added such as updtprog.dat(3) should be renamed to updtprog.dat.

2)    Run Tool Manager and go to the OPTIONS menu.

3)    Select item "Install Program Updates"

4)    Enter the location where you saved the above file: your Flash Drive such as  E:\   or F:\

5)    Update all copies (on other computers) of the Tool Manager program with this update.

6)    After updating, delete this downloaded file, so you don't accidentally use it in the future.

7)    For a password, please submit a request with your name at Technical Support.


NEW FEATURES:   After the installing this upgrade, press the F12 key to see a listing of the new features.

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