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AllSoft Technologies
PO Box 711
Edinboro PA 16412
Phone/Fax: 800-310-1315


AllSoft Technologies was founded in May 1991 with the aim of developing and marketing quality computer software.  Since 1994, the company has maintained an annual profit through software sales and good operational management.

Copyrights of our software are on file with the Library of Congress.  A registered trademark for the name Tool Manager ®  is filed with the US Department of Commerce.

Our Internet presence consists of Web names that reflect our products:


We are an authorized dealer of Star® point of sale equipment (printers, card readers, signature pads, and barcode scanners).  We use email and FTP to work with our customers for beta-testing and program and inventory price list upgrades.  Our company website is an uncluttered, friendly interface for customer sales, product information, upgrades, and technical support.  Frequently we setup booths at industry specific trade shows to market our products and we advertise through magazine advertisements.   In August 2003, one of the largest magazines in the point-of-sale tool industry, PTED, ran a five page article about our company and its history.


We offer sales and service through our website and toll free phone number, 800-310-1315.  The phone number is automatically routed to a pool of operators.  Each operator has templates for sales, demo, upgrades, and software Q & A.  The operators can take credit card payments, provide answers to common questions, and  if necessary escalate a question to the next level of support by paging a technician.


We work to improve our customer's business through interaction and feedback from others in their industry.  Users of our flagship product, Tool Manager, can anonymously interact with others in their industry through our website www.JobberTalk.com.