Internet Tool Orders

Many customers of your warehouse are potentially using the Tool Manager ®  computer program.  Today, these customers have to email, fax, mail, or manually interact with your web site to send you their orders.  The ALL Software Company has a feature within the Tool Manager computer program that enables your customers to automatically send orders directly to your warehouse through your web site.

An option in the Tool Manager Computer Program is to Process Tool Order through the Internet.  Tool Manager does this by creating a simple file, which consists of PART-NUMBER and QUANTITY.  If your warehouse’s web site can prompt the customer to get this file from their computer, your web site can upload the file and fulfill the customer’s order.

Tool Manager produces a file whose name contains the customer’s warehouse account number and the customer’s purchase order number.  The sample file name, ToolManagerOrder_12345_00436.txt, shows the account number is 12345 and the PO number 00436.

The data within the file is part numbers and quantities delimited by tabs with each row ending in a line feed.  The following is a sample of the contents of this Internet Order File:
SKTC24<tab> 3<linefeed>
SKT13<tab> 2<linefeed>


We Supply Frequent Inventory price list updates...

We Supply Frequent Inventory price list updates from the following warhouse partners:

ACE Tool
Eagle Tool
John Synder Tool
Medco Tool
Neu Tool

WTD Supply (previously Weiss)
(The above alphabetically listed warehouses price lists are subject to approval from the warehouse).


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